Release of capital

Will the release of capital affect my profits?

The capital release will affect profits if the income earned places it above the profit threshold. If principal is used to repay a loan or mortgage, it is not classified as income and will not affect benefit payments. Lifetime mortgages, a type of capital release, have evolved into a flexible and secure way to access your property’s wealth. If you need responsible advice on releasing capital, you can speak to a chartered financial advisor here in Tunbridge Wells, anywhere in the UK.

There are numerous upfront costs involved in creating a capital release plan, so make sure you are clear about all of these costs before proceeding. Only by considering all available options will you know that capital release is best for your circumstances. By freeing up the equity of their own home, you could provide them with the deposit they need to enter the property ladder. With its enlargement effect, it is important to understand what inflation is, why it is necessary and how it affects the economy.

Freeing up equity is becoming an increasingly popular option for older homeowners who want to unlock some of the value of their property but still live in their home. However, requesting the release of capital may affect your entitlement to certain income-controlled benefits, such as the Pension Credit or the Social Fund, although that often depends on how much you decide to release. Pension credit, universal credit and reduced municipal taxes may be affected by capital release. Read on to find out if your entitlement to benefits is affected by the capital release.

Depending on your circumstances, the decision to request capital release and waive your right to income controlled benefits could seriously affect your future financial situation, so it might be helpful to seek financial advice and guidance from a capital release mortgage broker. There are many potential advantages of releasing capital, which could be attractive if you have the equity of the house you want to unlock. Choose the Right Way to Release Equity for You and Your Family Whether a lifetime mortgage or housing reversal plan is in your best interest will depend on a wide range of circumstances, such as how much you expect to leave your family as an inheritance. Capital release is classified as a loan and, as such, is exempt from resource-proven profit calculations; however, its benefits may be affected by capital release.

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